Wednesday, 27 July 2016

From The Gambia to Iceland, via Tanzania and Jamaica

It has been an amazing year so far, during which I have visited The Gambia, Tanzania, Iceland, Jamaica and Romania.  I am currently working more or less full-time as a naturalist and tour leader for Naturetrek, the UK's biggest wildlife holiday company. I have been fortunate to witness some iconic wildlife amidst breath-taking scenery. I have travelled with some lovely people and greatly enjoyed their company.

One of the best aspects of leading for Naturetrek is the opportunity to work alongside outstanding local guides and drivers, whose knowledge and enthusiasm  is inspiring - many thanks to all of them for making my job so much easier and for giving me a real taste of local life!

The only downside to all this travelling is that time at home has been very limited. I don't see enough of my family and this blog has also been badly neglected. So before I head off to the Scottish Highlands next week, I am going to add a post about each country that I have visited so far this year; I hope it makes for an interesting read!

Spotted Hyena - Tanzania

Joklusarlon Iceberg Lagoon - Iceland

Sunbathing Guinea Baboon - The Gambia

Greencastle Estate - Jamaica